The  LIfe is Looking Up Foundation is dedicated to helping kids of all ages recognize the dangers and effects that social media and screen addiction are having on their happiness. We provide meaningful and actionable ways to help them LOOK UP from their phone and LIVE IN REAL LIFE.

Help us Grow

If you believe in our mission to teach youth that love, acceptance, and meaningful connections are found by looking up, please consider making a tax-deductible donation to Life is Looking Up, Inc. 

Your donation helps:

Send speakers to schools to spread awareness about the harmful effects of social media and increased device use and how to free oneself from addiction. 

Create an ongoing video based curriculum to support schools and their students in the months following our presentations.  

Provide grants to students to enable the use of mental health services when their addictions to social media and/or devices require professional assistance. 

Promote community engagement and living life offline by developing a teen mentorship program and supporting teens in their efforts to better their communities. 

Fund application fees for booths to spread awareness of our mission and services.

Pay for general administrative expenses including, but not limited to accounting, insurance, supplies, website design and maintenance.

Thank you for your time and consideration of this request. The Board and I appreciate your support! If you are able to donate at this time, you can mail a check to: 

Life is Looking Up, Inc.
â„… Michelle Rigby
4053 E Loma Vista St
Gilbert, AZ 85295

Once I receive your donation, A receipt will be mailed to you for your tax records. Thank you for your generosity and remember… Life is LOOKING UP.